Creating a biweekly payday countdown using $tf?

KLWP noob here. Would it be possible to create a formula that would show the number of days left until payday every other Friday? Or possibly every 14 days?

I found one online that allows for a countdown within a week, $tf(hXwY)$, but I'm a little stumped trying to figure out how to get it to go to two weeks.

hXwY will set the date to X hour and Y week of the month, if you want to ADD 2 weeks you need to write a2whX this will ADD 2 weeks and then set hour to X, but this does not make sense because it will always be in 2 weeks, so doing it every 2 weeks is not easy, you can specify a specific day of the month or you can use a more complex formula like $if(df(d) < 15, tf(hXwY), tf(hXwZ))$ to use a week the first 2 weeks of the month and another the other.

Yeah, first two weeks of the month wouldn't work, unfortunately. Let's try looking at this from a different angle: if I set a recurring calendar event, would it be possible to pull only that event from the calendar?

No unfortunately also searching in calendar items is currently not possible but its a nice idea