Create Stand Alone projects APK

Hello, you should consider allowing Kustom APK users to create "Stand Alone" versions of their wallpapers, in which the project programming and a full KWLP engine version would be compiled but without the editing tools. . When a consumer installs the pack, the latter installs with the KWLP engine dedicated exclusively to this project, which launches on its own side on the machine. A small mention "Powered by KWLP from Kustom Industries" for the advertisement and it's over. If the consumer wanted to enter the project (as he would by clicking on the icon of any downloaded wallpaper application) he would have access to an interface similar to that of KWLP but reduced exclusively to the settings that the developer will have left free to modify for his screen background (example: particle size, background color, etc ...). The reason for this request is that, when we see the number of downloads of paid wallpapers made for developers under KWLP, we notice that the level is very low and uninteresting for sale. The customers affected by the projects developed with KWLP seem to be the community of KWLP users alone, which constitutes a very small and particularly closed circle of customers. Being able to create stand-alone wallpapers would make it possible to expand the target clientele to people who do not use KWLP, who would like the wallpaper but who do not wish to learn how to use KWLP, nor to familiarize themselves with the concept of editing. . In short, the largest clientele of the PlayStore; the one who enters and types in the search bar the keywords "wallpaper".

This is not technically feasible as it would have immense complexity in the APK generation process