Cover art issue

Big fan of your app here, it's a phenomenal addition to Android. I do have a quick question though : I was using Shuttle+ as my music player and I didn't have any issues with the cover art, but I recently changed back to Rocket Player because I feel it's now superior, however the art is no longer showing, under any of the presets that I've saved. I've tried to manually re-add it under the FX tab, but it just stays blank. I made Rocket Player my default music player in the settings but no luck. Is there just an incompatibility that you may know of here?

Thanks for your help!

Unfortunately this is a player issue please check the following:

  • If player has an option to use or not use a Notification when playing ensure its enabled
  • If you have an option to show / hide cover in the lock screen ensure its set to show it not hide it
  • Try to select the player from Kustom settings

If none of these works then your last chance is to get in touch with the player dev and ask him to properly support Android media manager callbacks.