Country code error on location


I'm using KWGT since a few weeks ago and let me tell you, it's amazing.

But i'm having this annoying trouble with the weather options.

Let me explain myself: i'm from Salto, a little city in Uruguay (that's South America). So, i`ve searched for my town and it gave me the name correctly and the coordinates correctly too. So far, so good.

The issue starts when i choose as provider. It gave me a wrong temperature value.
I mean, very wrong. That's because it uses ITER2056, that is the code for Salto, Emilia Romagna (Italy) and not UYXX0008, which is the code for my city.
Now, i don't know if it's a KWGT problem or a issue from

I would like to solve this error, because i like, i use it with Rainmeter on desktop and it is very accurate with forecasts.


Thanks for sending me the debug dump, looking into that