Convert uptime

I know that df(S) shows you your uptime in seconds but is there maybe a way to display it in a different format like for example: 1m 3d 5h 13s.


Have you tried the Date Parser formula?


Hope this helps.


First thank you for the reply! (I thought this forum was dead tbh after not getting any kind of answer)

Unfortunately your suggestion did not help, because it only shows the current date.

But I now got to the point where I have the format now but it isn't very accurate:

$df("dd'd' hh'h' mma'min' ss's'", df(S) - df(S, si(boot)))$

E.g.: My phone says in the settings that I booted 02min and 50sec but the command tells me that my phone has booted 1d 1h 3min 51sec. So everything is incremented by one.

How can I decrement everything by one again?

Thanks in advance!


Try the following formula, perhaps it's suitable to your need.

$tc(reg, tf(dp(df("Y'y'M'm'd'd'0'h'0'm'0's'"))-si(boot)), "(\s*)(d)(ay)(s)", "$2") + tf(dp(df("Y'y'M'm'd'd'0'h'0'm'0's'", si(boot))+"a1d")-si(boot), " h'h' m'm' s's'")$

➞ this will display something like this: 1d 2h 3m 4s

Hope this helps.