Convert rm values

When using the rm value to display storage space left the program returns; for example:


When the figure is in MB it displays nicely with a decimal point, if as above we are talking GB of space you are left with a 5 digit number and no decimal point. How can this be converted to display:


Or at least display the decimal point?

You can use


This are going to divide the storage by 1000 and round the result to 1 decimal

Fab, thank you for this Nelson.

On closer inspection of this function I seem to be getting incorrect values. The SD card has 18.44gb free and using the basic rm function I get a report of 24.958gb and using your formula I am getting 30.7gb!

Bit confused..

The rm function that I give is for memory used, you need to change the "fused" for the function that you want like

fsfree to the free space

you need to go to the rm codes and put the code that you want by changing the rm(fsused)

you have options for internal and for mounted card