Control the Visual Touch Feedback for KWGT

An option to disable the visual feedback on touch events (the dark rectangle). Either in the KWGT settings, or even better, for every widget individually.

(Or limit the feedback to the form with touch event, eg. circular buttons, with the possibility to style them too.)

Why like this... ?

I have both, KWGT and KWLP, but clearly prefer widgets for movability and live wallpapers, although there are no animations. Secondly, I want to sell some on the Play Store. I am convinced that "normal" customers prefer a choice of single widgets, using their own wallpapers, instead of a one-theme-only fixed layout and background. So the only "ugly" thing are the dark feedback-rectangles on touch events.

Please vote for this request, so it is soon implemented. The developer told me it was possible, but he needs to prioritize the requests with most votes.