Contact/Favorites Image

If I have a contact that I want to create as a shortcut to launch dialling their number, is there a way to pull the image of that contact and use it as a "background" for a shape? Essentially I want to create dialer shortcuts with the images of the contacts that are in my address book...

I don't think there is. You could add pictures by yourself and use those, but links to the original are not possible (for now) I guess.

This is correct and its a permission issue, Kustom does not have the rights to read your contacts right now (and given the privacy implications of this i dont think this will come in the future)

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I don't think the permission is an issue for the users. They can accept or deny it, but I can understand that the implementation is a little more difficult :)

The problem with the permission is that its dynamic only from Android 6.x, so i either offer this version on 6.x only or i need to find a way to adapt it to the plugin because otherwise i would get a lot of complains. This makes it a bit complex.

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I would opt for 6+ only than. No hassle. :-)