Conditional color change of variable

I'm trying to change the color of a variable based on it's value. Either my formula is wrong or Kustom is treating my variable as a string rather than a variable, is that possible?

$if(br(tasker, hw3)>=37.0 gv(red), if(br(tasker,hw3)>=35.0, gv(green), gv(orange)))$

Hi. Your 2nd formula ">35" is only going to be true if the value is 35.0 to 36.99. If the value is >=37.0 then there is a conflict. Both of your statements are true so it is impossible to assign a color. and likely you will have a white (default) color. I would suggest this way:

The first line is correct. 2nd line:

$if(br(tasker, hw3)>=35.0&br(tasker, hw3)<37.0, gv(green), gv(orange)))$