Complicated and Misunderstood

If I want to make the seconds counter but make it ellipse when too long how do I make that, demonstration.
$tc(ell, “Seconds”, 4)$
How can I make a seconds counter in there.

Hello Jason,
I think what I am understanding is that you want the number to truncate when it is a certain length. I had to change the seconds to words because there are only two digits in the example. Were you trying to use a larger number greater than 4 digits?

Anyway, the n2w (or Number to Words) function under Text Converter analyzes the current second in a minute and converts it to word form.

$tc(ell, tc(n2w, df(ss)), 4)$

I had to brush up on whether or not to put dollar signs within parentheses, but this was a nice challenge. I hope it helps.