Cómo puedo hacer para que el texto desaparezca después de un periodo de tiempo

Lo he intentado de todas las formas posibles pero no lo entiendo

The problem is after an amount of time starting from when? From screen unlock? From a specific date? After a while since a button is clicked?

Es para que desaparezca a cierta hora

Ok, so, if you want to have a text or an image or anything to disappear at a specific time you have to do this:

  • Create an Overlap Group
  • Add your text, your image whatever you want to disappear
  • Go in the Overlap Group, go to the Layer Tab, select the Visibility option, turn it into a formula (by pressing the "calculator" icon
  • Now your visibility is a formula, you can either return "ALWAYS" to make it visible and "NEVER" to make it didisappear, a few example of using that might be
    • $if(df(H) > 16, NEVER, ALWAYS)$ to make it disappear after 5 PM every day
    • $if(df(S) > df(S, 6M1d0h0m), ALWAYS, NEVER)$ to make it disappear every year after the 6th of June

Hope it helps