Colours not updating from global depending on call method.

I have a Primary colour variable (colors/primary) that takes a value from a "colour scheme" list variable (cscheme) and returns a colour value based on the selection. The cscheme variable can be updated either directly within KLWP or through an interface element in the wallpaper. The selection works fine and both the cscheme and primary globals update correctly. However, different interface elements that make use of the primary variable seem to update or not depending on how they call the global. As a few folks have posted over the past several years, I've determined the following:

  1. Using the "global" selector and choosing "primary" does not update the element when the variable changes.
  2. Using text formatting codes (e.g., [c=color/primary][/c] does not update the element when the variable changes.

In both of the above cases, the element colour updates when the element refreshes (e.g., when the clock ticks over to a new minute, when the weather feed is refreshed).

However, if I use the formula option and call the global with kode (gv(color/primary), the element colour updates whenever the variable changes.

I have tried adding a secondary action to the touch control on my colour selector UI element that uses a Kustom action force RSS/text/weather update but that doesn't overcome the issue in the first two examples.

I've also found that using the global var function within a text formatting call updates the global as expected. So,