ColorOS 12 compatibility?

Dear developer,

I've been unsuccessfully trying to get KWLP 3.58 to work on my new OPPO X5 Pro with ColorOS 12.1.

All permissions are given, everything is restored, everything looks great in app itself, but when KLWP is set as home wallpaper - it is a black screen without any element shown.
I couldn't find clear answer - is there any way to make it work under ColorOS 12?

Thank you in advance!

I have the same problem on ColorOs 12, I need to work on my designs and it won't let me, apart from when it's set as wallpaper I need to work on my designs and it doesn't allow me, apart from the fact that when it is set as wallpaper after a while it appears black or only the background is visible, the other elements disappear, When I click save, it takes like 30 seconds to go back to the start, everything crashes, I'm using an Oppo Find x3 Pro