Color/Text update issue

I am using a Google Pixel 6a running Android 14QPR2 beta 3. I created a battery widget that that looks like the one already built in Android but with rounder corners.

I added global variables for the colors of the elements. For each element, I made two color variables one for light mode and one for dark mode. I did this using variations of $si(sysca1, x)$ and $si(sysca2, y) In the elements paint formula I put $if(si(darkmode)=1, gv(dcolor), gv(lcolor))$. I did this for all the elements and the widget does work in the editor and updates its colors as expected.

But that’s it. It refuses to update the colors when I place the widget on the home screen.

Additional info:

  1. Battery usage is unrestricted in app settings.
  2. I have tried all the widget update modes; fast, smart, conservative and default. But the widget refuses to update.
  3. The widget sometimes updates when I lock the screen and unlock it again but this is inconvenient and highly unreliable.

Sorry for the wall of text but I wanted to be as specific as possible, so that if I am making a mistake you guys could point it out.

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Can you make sure that all required permissions are set to Always and not just When using the app?

Yep. Just checked the permissions again, only location has always allow option( which is selected ). The rest of the permissions only have allow or don’t allow as options. So I have them all set to allow.