Clock stopped working

It seems that the clock has stopped working amd is stuck at 12:15am. It's 6:48am now. I understand it doesnt update when not in use, but I've been using my phone for about 30 minutes off and on with the clock continuing to show 12:15am. Also, I noticed that the clock is correct in the editor and if i save the current setup again, it will work again.

Hi! This means that something is killing the background service that updates the clock, please ensure you are not clearing the cache also check if you might have some tool that doesnt allow processes to run as services (like Greenify, Purify or Samsung's Smart Management), please ensure that you properly whitelist Kustom from those

Thank you for your reply, i looked into it and see that nothing that has any effect on klwp is part of the samsung smart management. The klwp is whitelisted. I have noticed that when I apply a different setup and change back, the clock does the same thing. Additionally, the digital clock does not have the hanging issue.

It must be something with your preset than, no one reported this issue, are you clearing the app cache?

I had in the past, with a preset, and the clock was fine. I made my clock from scratch and it ran fine for a day and a half before the issue manifested. When I switched to a similar preset clock, it showed the same issue, despite not having it in the past. As of now, the digital clock is still immune, and I have created a preset that i like. It was just an inconvenience to not be able to use analog.

There must be something wrong with your preset, can you please share it here? Also can you confirm you are running the latest version?

I am not clearing the cache, but the preset was basic clock setup. I changed it to digital and even cleared the cache a few times, but the digital clock remained accurate. I've tried different presets and presets by other people. The analog is the only issue. It's not a big deal for me, as I've started using the digital.