Clip in Overlap group with animation made the padding be one directional

So I was trying to animate something. I was working in the editor. I got everything aligned. I basically had an image with shape in an overlap group and I was trying to clip. In the editor everything looked alright but then after saving I was getting off-center clip. Aside from the fact that I would see one thing in the editor and a different one on the wallpaper home screen, the padding for the clip shape was only allowing for padding in one direction

I don't know if this is a kniwn issue or not but I figured I'd let you know.



Can you provide a simple example to reproduce this? So you mean padding in clip is not applied?

I've tried to work around it. I made a komponent instead of overlap group. It still had the same issue. The way around it was to find the alignment which allowed for padding in the direction I wanted. So to move my clip from the centre let's say by 200 in both x and y, I would need to do alignment bottom left screen and add lots of padding. You will see in the komponent called MainTrLand and MedTrLand.

Here you see how the editor show one thing and the wall another

I replied to myself rather than this msg. The screen shots are above

Hi Frank

There are 5 or more queries about this problem on this page and I have one in the Kustom community on Google+.

Is there any answer?