CI: The calendar events are not getting updated if the date is specified

When I define my list of events with just an index:

$ci(title, i)$ // where i is an index of the event

and I add/delete events in my calendar, I can see that this modification is almost immediately reflected on my list.

However, when I try to list the events for a specific date:

$ci(title, i, a1d)$

, I cannot see that change. It's visible in the preview. When I kill KLWP and run it again, the event is also there.

Was about to post the same issue. Events are updated only in editor almost at once when I add it to Google calendar, but main wallpaper stays untouched when I save th editor. To see added event I have to either change wallpaper to some other and come back or restart my phone. Not to duplicate but have you found a solution to that?

No, just a workaround and it’s quite heavy. As I mentioned -
$ci(title, i)$ (without date) works perfectly fine. So for each day I add all the events from 0-19, but then I hide all the events with a different date that I want.