Check/Display battery level of Bluetooth headset?

Is there a way to determine and display the battery level of a Bluetooth connected headset?

I know that there are widgets on Google Play that can do this but I would rather build my own SIMPLE widget in KWGT.


This is planned for next releases. Moved to the "ideas" forums. It will be available on Lollipop or later probably.

Thanks, I was hoping that there was a way to do this on KitKat. The manufacturer of my headset has an app that will do this but you have to navigate the app; I would like to have it displayed on the home screen.

You have a great product!

I checked and APIs are available for KitKat too but this doesnt mean it will work on all devices, will test

Just started using kustom widgets, and this feature would be huge for my use case.

You can use Bluetooth battery watcher app, its basic, but you can get the info from it using notification codes.

Any date about it?

This will be available in 3.49

Hi, would you happen to know what the command is for it exactly?? I've been looking everywhere for info but I guess since it's such a new feature no one's done anything with it and I really want to make a widget that displays the battery level of my bluetooth headphones.

Its all in the nc section if you are on 3.49 onwards.. $nc(abatt,0)$

I'm on 3.51 with OnePlus wireless z bluetooth headphones on a OnePlus 7pro. Value of bluetooth battery is -1

Can you pls send the way on how you made the battery percentage show BC mien isnt working. It always reports my phone's battery instead of the Bluetooth device. I use a OnePlus Nord with OnePlus buds

Use $nc(abatt, 1)$% :)