Change the name of the global I created

I came up with a better name for the global color I created. I was trying to figure out how to change the name of it. Example, I named it green and I want to change it to something like highlight.

Hi! Unfortunately this is not possible yet, turning this into an idea (renaming a global is complex because when you do that Kustom also needs to rename its usage in the modules)

Hi Frank!

This is still complex?

Renaming all usage into .json is not enough?

This is possible since formula search and replace was added, but your global must must be entered as a formula not a global (i.e $gv(global)$). now just create a new global and then search and replace your old global with the new. (search replace needs modules selecting with the checkbox then swipe out the left panel and use search and replace for the selected modules)

If you use it into +100 places that is not an option... If you have a very complex component with +100 globals, +500 items, and to find everywhere you used it is insane... xD

You have "500" modules in root? it's technically Possible with simple shapes i suppose. but the still needed feature would be "Select All" option in the 3 dot overflow menu to make selecting those 500 modules easy, everything else is already there.

In root not xD. This request I made it when I develop SMonthCalendar, that is a insane development! ha