Change screen format?

I want to design KLWP themes for my Phone and Tablet on my computer running remix OS, but it reads my computer's screen size and the wallpaper doesn't work on my tablet or phone.

Unfortunately there is no way to force KLWP using a specific screen size, however if you keep in mind a few rules you should have no issues in designing portable presets, so:

  • Kustom points are based on screen smallest side, so width (in portrait) or height (in landscape) is always 720 Kustom points regardless of ratio
  • Kustom has anchors, so if you want an object to stick to the top just anchor it top, it will always be anchored there regardless of the size of the screen
  • If you want an item in the root to fill the entire screen width or height try to use a formula for height / width and use $si(rwidth)$ or $si(rheight)$ to get screen dimensions, you can use the same formula to cover percentage of the screen

Hope it helps!

Thank you. I will take that into consideration when designing my next wallpaper.

This is a great answer, but could you please clarify as to what the syntax for this would be? Something like $si(rwidth20%)$ or something similar (going with 20 percent as an example)? I can't find anything about it...

$si(rwidth) * .20$