Can't use touch option for Appdrawer in Nova Launcher

I have updated KLWP on 2nd of December 2017.. And after that update I can't open Appdrawer by setting touch option in fonticon.. while other things like volume up-down, play/pause is working good.. I tried the original appdrawer of nova lancher a t the same place to check if their is something worng with my screen or any other app is interrupting but there is nothing like this... The original appdrawer is working good... After that I added a shape in KLWP with the same touch option and it didn't worked... So plz check out for this issue and I hope next update will solve this out.. Thanks a lot in advance..

You are on beta, please report beta bugs to the G+ community or please leave the beta and use stable if you need a more stable release.

P.S. this is solved in next beta that will be released likely today