Can't set as wallpaper

Pressing save button doesn't apply wallpaper. Going to settings ''set as wallpaper" doesn't apply wallpaper. Tried my stock Google launcher and tried Nova launcher. Tried uninstalling and installing again as well as multiple different wallpapers

Mmm, does this happen with ANY preset or just some? Does your device have Live Wallpaper support? Are others live wallpapers working? Are you sure Kustom is whitelisted from any cleaner app or optimization ones?

Think I got them to set. I had to increase the amount of home screens. Now I'm running into the issue where none of the wallpaper is interactive

Wallpaper scrolling depends on Launcher scrolling please check the FAQ for more info

If you're looking at this thread for an answer, try setting a different live wallpaper (for example the Holo Spiral one) then set back to KWLP