Can't load presets

When trying to load presets, I always get the message "Error: Source file not readable".
I've tried downloading other peoples presets, reinstalling KLWP, and even reinstalling my Android version, but still didn't get it to work.
The only way I managed to load other Themes was by installing them from an apk

Right now I'm using Titanium Backup to backup or load the Apps' Data in order to switch Themes.

This is really annoying to do, especially when considering i paid for this feature, so it would be very nice if somebody helped me figure out how to fix this problem.

This usually happens when downloaded files are corrupted, can you open the KLWP files with a file explorer on your device that support ZIPs? KLWP files are normal zips. This is the first time i see this issue actually so there must be something wrong in the way you download them probably.

Ooh my bad I thought the little folder Icon was for loading presets, didn't realize they are in the right tab, fml

Thanks for your help though

No problem, moving to questions :)