Can't load images from filepath

Hi yesterday i downloaded this klwp file from reddit, It has a function to input multiple directories in a global to retrieve photos from a folder and display them as a presentation in different parts of the background. I followed the instructions left by the author in a README, but I can’t get the pictures to show up.
i’m kinda new to klwp so i dont know whats wrong here, thanks for your time.

The files are Already in the Kustom Folder

It appears thst the formula expects to find the files in an sdcard. You probably need to correct, manually, the

“sdcard/Download…” part of the formula according to your phone’s actual folder structure

I Did the following:
Moved Kustom folder to root of sd card via app settings.
Downloaded fx explorer and copied file location of the pictures directly from there and pasted it directly into the formula.
Renamed all of the images just in case it was some character limitation.
Kustom shows the file names in the resulting texts, yet the images don’t load either on the editor or the wallpaper

SD card access was removed from the app due to some security policy changes. I suggest you move your files to internal storage inside the Kustom folder.


doing this solved the problem instantly thank you very much for your time!