Can't apply wallpaper

When I apply wallpaper from klwp an screenshot of the wallpaper show up but not the live wallpaper.

If you put what is your phone and your operative system OS is best to understand your problem, you have the pro version of Klwp?

What do you mean on "a screenshot of the wallpaper show up", where in the Klwp editor or in your screen after loading the preset?

I have an Samsung galaxy a6 2018 android 9 pie and I’m using Nova launcher I’m using the free version of Klwp. By saying a screenshot i mean that it shows an static image of the wallpaper with the time of the clock on the wallpaper also static. I can’t scroll either so it’s just an static image. It loads up normally in the editor but not on the home screen.

Good 👍 in the free version, you can make a preset and use it, you can export it, but you can't load 3rd designers presets or your owns in this free version.I don't remember well if you can load preinstalled presets(I have the pro version for 2 years now😁) but if you can, you need to have the same amount of pages in Nova launcher than in the preset, if the preset have 2 pages, you need to put 2 pages in Nova to make it scroll.

I checked on that and I have it set right but also the clock is froze

See if Klwp is not in Battery save mode in the settings of your phone, if yes, remove it from here and allow Klwp to use all the battery(Klwp don't use much battery for your information) and prevent you phone to kill the update process of Klwp in background

Klwp was in battery mode I turned it off and reapplied the wallpaper but it still doesn’t work

I got it to work again😀 Thanks for your help

Try to restart your phone, if this don't work put a text in the preset by tapping in the + icon in the top right of the editor, this are going to put a text with the time and load the preset, this need to work, if not, I'm out of options😂