Can't add Tasker shortcuts. App closes without saving.

I'm not sure when it started, it used to work fine. Maybe it was with a recent update but I can't add Tasker shortcuts anymore. Everything in KWGT works exactly as expected up until I add the Tasker shortcut. After choosing a tasker task from the list, I get a task actions preview in Tasker as expected, but when I press the back button the app closes and I'm back in the app drawer. And when I go back in to edit the widget there is no touch action. None of my changes are saved, it goes back to the last manual save. So I can save the touch action without choosing a shortcut manually, but nothing from the shortcut choosing process gets saved. I have some buttons that run tasker shortcuts from before I started getting this problem working. It's just new shortcuts I can't add.

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Same here, I was waiting for quite some time, but it is not fixed until now. Please fix it