Cannot grant location permissions

Using a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro with Wear OS 4.0, One UI 5.0 and KWCH 0.01b326908, whenever I have something in my watch face that needs an additional permission granted (location, weather), during sync it’ll show the permission granting screen and rapidly change to “Kustom is loading…” screen and flash between both, making it impossible to grant the required permissions. Since this is a watchface, I also cannot find it on my apps list to manually grant permissions.

Can you check latest release and see if this is still happening? A beta should be available for update on Play Store or via Downloads | Kustom HQ

Also can you please ensure that you gave location permission to the companion app in the first place?

Just updated the watch and phone apps, however the issue is still happening. I sync the watchface from the phone to the watch, the screen to grant location permissions on the watch slides in for a frame and disappears as it is replaced by the Kustom is loading screen. The only thing that has changed is that it does this once and stops, where before it tried to show the permission screen multiple times.
I have double checked and the location permissions for the phone app are granted, but this has doesn’t change anything, it needs to be granted on the watch.