Can you switch a mapped global from a komponent touch event?

What I tried:

-map global to komponent global

-on touch even toggle komponent global

I couldn't get it to work directly, maybe there is a way to do this in another way, but I didn't find it.

I don't understand very well what do you mean for map global, but if you are trying to use a global switch that you have in your preset inside a komponent, no, you can't transalate global switchs from presets to komponents.

Maybe you can test a global text or a global list and see if this work.

I think I did understand what Clem tried to say.

Basicly being able to update a global from a komponent.

Sincerely it would be really useful(reusing costume buttons, progressbar, scrollbars, any other costume kompunents that you can be used to interact) avoiding having a bunch of globals declared in the parent group.

It would be also a lot easier to update any var used in them.