Can you please add a better weather forecast provider, the options that are in the app are not 100% correct when displaying the weather

Add a better weather provider such as Google, Microsoft, Accuweather or more reliable weather forecast provider. I mean we did paid for this app and we expect the best quality of weather updates. Please fix this as soon as possible, thank you

Hi Mike, Google and Microsoft do not allow external providers to use their weather, Accuweather does but its too expensive. You can add Dark Sky and Weather Underground which are both very good using the plugin, Dark Sky needs a paid subscription while Weather Underground can also used for free by registering your own key, i might add more (including Accu) in the future if they start offering cheaper solutions.

Unfortunately weather services are very expensive and what you paid for the app doesnt cover the cost not even for a few months. Off course refunds are always available at [email protected] in case you feel kustom doesnt cover your expectations.

I never get to work for my location. When I do a forced update it's always unable to find ID. Every other source works perfectly. Hopefully there is a solution. I'm in Kahnawake Quebec just outside of Montreal. I'm using a pre made design from play store so I know code is right