Can you have a splash [loading] screen cover everything until the preset is fully loaded?

Is it possible to have a simple, yet entirely custom splash page that sits on top of everything else and doesn't show the rest of the design until it's done with the loading of the preset in the background?

In other words… that lame looking generic black screen [in my case with an LG G6 Andoid phone] that's generally displayed on the desktop as the preset loads, instead of that being what's displayed, have a single page that's part of the preset containing some quicker loading elements cover the screen. So within the actual preset, you could create a layer containing a simple animated image or some moving text and maybe just a solid color background [something that would load very quickly], and have it display only that one page, making the rest of the content unviewable until the rest of it fully loads.

An example would be using perhaps an Overlap Layer with the loading animation in it be the only visible thing and when it loads the complete file, it closes the top splash page and shows the full design.

I'd be really interested to find out more about this, so I'd appreciate any advice and/or instructions on how this could be accomplished, or if it just isn't something that can be done.