Can widget tap trigger it's content refresh?

Is there a way to set widget will get refreshed when tapped? How to do this?

Thank you for your help.

You can set a touch action>Kustom action> here you have the option to force refresh weather and refresh xml/rss and other.

Thank you Nelson for your reply.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find an option to refresh battery monitor info. Is there no such an option or am I missing something?

If you mean the percentage of battery, this refresh by itself, you don't need to refresh it, maybe your problem is that you have Kwgt in Battery save mode in your phone, if yes, you need to remove the app from here to prevent your phone to kill the Kwgt process in background.

Maybe you can see the update mode in the settings of the Kwgt app too, in the 3 lines in the top left, you can change it to every minute or every second if you need.

I meant battery's voltage and current. I'd like to refresh them on the widget tap.

You don't have the option to update on tap this information.