Can 'Touch' event open/show/unhide/hide another widget onscreen?


I'm looking to use KWGT to create menu flow/GUI.

Are you able to use the touch command to open/show/unhide/hide another widget onscreen?


Or show/hide layer?

Yes you can do this, in order to hide / show a Layer inside the SAME widget do this:

  • Add a new Switch Global, call it "foo"
  • Add a new Layer or Komponent
  • Inside the Layer tab in the Layer / Komponent select the "visibility" option
  • Write this formula $if(gv(foo), ALWAYS, NEVER)$
  • This will make the layer visible when "foo" is on and not visible when off
  • Add a Touch action anywhere, set action to switch global, select the global "foo"

To do the same on ANOTHER widget, just do the same as above and:

  • Add a Touch action on ANOTHER widget
  • Select "Launch Shortcut"
  • Select "KWGT Action"
  • Enter global name "foo"
  • Enter global value 0 to switch it off and 1 to switch it on