Calendar & Startup

I have an Events component in KLWP which worked without a problem for many years in KWGT. Previously, tapping on an event would take me to the event in the main calendar. This doesn’t seem to work in KLWP. It registers the tap but does nothing.

More serious issues follow:

I have an additional Gmail account which shows up in KLWP settings. I unselect this account and its calendars and, while the account stays unselected, it will constantly keep reselecting its calendars.

I then removed those calendars on that Google account but they continued to show in KLWP settings.
I then went into the phone settings and removed the account completely. That seemed to do the trick, and the editor showed the duplicate entries had been removed.

However, going back to the home screen, the duplicate entries were still there. So, next step, I restarted the phone. Unbelievably they were still there!

Restarted phone again. Normally, a loading screen appears for about 5 seconds before KLWP wallpaper is displayed. This time the loading screen wouldn’t go away.
Managed to run the KLWP app, selected the wallpaper, and saved. This brought everything back to normal, including the removal of the duplicate events.