Calendar events ONLY today.

Is there any way to display a widget with event info only when there is an event today? and that otherwise, if there are no events today, it is removed.

You can use a Stack group, inside 1 Overlap group for every event like 5 O.groups for 5 events.

Then in the Layer>Visible of the Overlap group for the 0 event(first event) you need to use this formula

$if(df(D,ci(start,0))=df(D), always, remove)$

this are going to show the text if the event is today, if not are going to remove it.

put the formula in the Visible of all of the O.groups, changing the number of the event for the correspondent.

  • AW!! THANK YOU! thank you very much. I've been trying to figure out how to do it for days and I'd given up

You are welcome!!

Mucha suerte y saludos!!!😃👌👍