Built in formula to see prvious and next list values

It would be massively useful to have: gv(mylist, next) and gv(mylist, prev) available. Even gv(mylist, index).

Currently everything that relies on determining this needs to be re-edited each time the list length changes.

Also you end up with something like:

$if( gv(hexbg)=gv(hexbg, 0,0), gv(hexbg,0,5), gv(hexbg)=gv(hexbg, 0,1), gv(hexbg,0,0), gv(hexbg)=gv(hexbg, 0,2), gv(hexbg,0,1), gv(hexbg)=gv(hexbg, 0,3), gv(hexbg,0,2), gv(hexbg)=gv(hexbg, 0,4), gv(hexbg,0,3), gv(hexbg)=gv(hexbg, 0,5), gv(hexbg,0,4) )$

Using a single prev/next statement would also likely be orders of magnitufe more efficient