Bugged when selecting shortcuts

Hi I'll try to explain my problem:

I select shortcut 1 and edit it, then when I select shortcut 2 and hit edit it's still shortcut 1, same if I select shortcut 3 and edit still shortcut 1.

What can I do? Ty

I have tried to add 2 shortcuts to the same object and it works, you mean the shortcut window on the root? Can you provide a simple preset with the issue?

I made a gif of the problem http://im.ezgif.com/tmp/ezgif-613693327.gif

as you can see I can't edit any shorcut but the last one no matter which one I select


Sorry that video is lost, can you either attach it here or provide a way to reproduce the issue?


I uploaded it, sorry! and thanks

Thanks! Issue might be related to the fact that items have all the same name, can you also share the preset so i can try to understand whats going on?

Yes thanks for all your help, here is the preset:


And about all the items having the same name, it's because the same stuff is just selecting last item no matter which one I choose

Thanks, will fix in next releease