Bug using Android 12, Beta 3

I just installed the new Android 12 beta 3 OS and noticed a problem with KLWP. Whenever I use the new Android settings app to change the system colors, my live wallpaper locks up and stops being responsive. The only way I've found to bring back functionality is to change to a static wallpaper and then back to my live wallpaper or to reboot.

I realize that running a beta OS is inviting bugs, but I thought it would be best to be aware of this issue as early as possible.

I am unable to apply Klwp at all now as a wallpaper after updating to beta 3 on my Samsung s21 ultra

Non functional on S21 beta as well. Cannot use any live wallpaper thru KLWP

Me neither... Beta 3, Beta 4 and Stable version has the issue...

On the S21 w/ Android 12, the app will function. However when attempting to load the live wallpaper it will show where you can preview it, but with a low frame rate. If you apply the screen will go black and the standard S21 wallpaper will load. The work around stated doesn't seem to work for me though.

Additionally this is the One UI 4 update.

Pleaseee let this be fixed soon !!

Same problem. Before installing beta 3.58 the wallpaper was freezing even when I changed it in the KLWP app, but that's fixed now. Happens on Pixel 3, Android 12 and Pixel 5, Android 13 Beta.