[?BUG?] function df(e) (day of the week) is shifted of one day.


the function df(e) will return the day of the week according to the parameter in the setting of the APP.

Let's say, i want Monday as first day of the week, the function df(e) will indeed return 1.

But then for Sunday, it will return 0.

More generally speaking, the day before the first day of the week in the settings will be return as 0.

The function df(e) goes from 0 to 6, and not from 1 to 7.

Right now the only way for me to have Monday as real first day of the week, is to give tuesday in the settings, not really handy.

Do you have to possibility to make it more logical ?

either, df(e) range from 1 to 7

or, effectively starting first day of the week with 0.


PS : If you follow the old link bellow, that's the same problem. The condition "df(e)=7" will never be met, since the max value is 6.

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