Broken Images

Im having an issue where images I try to add are not rendering in the wallpaper.

I've attached images, so that if it's user error, you can show me.

They're working just fine in the app.

But the preview gives me this:

And the actual home screen ends up just being a big mess of "insert picture here" logos, sometimes just one and sometimes several layered on top of each other:

I'm trying to create a sort of faux 3d scrolling wallpaper (stereoscopic scrolling like in older video games) using artwork that I've made.

My device is a Samsung Galaxy s8. Using Nova Launcher. I did browse the FAQ and such, tried turning off battery optimization and even fiddled around with the settings a bit, nothing changes. Its my first attempt at using the app, so I could missing something really painfully obvious. Could you maybe lend a hand?

Happy Holiday, btw, if you celebrate.

Hi👍 Do you want to have one by one this pictures in the differents pages of the preset? If yes, do you set the animation to every images to stay in it's page?

You need to set in the animation the background scrolling animation and set the screen that you want for every image. If you need more help, come here again👍