Bp formula evaluating incorrectly

$bp(vibrant, ni(mi(package), bicon))$ does not always immediately provide the color of the current icon on skipping next/previous or when track advances automatically. Sometimes it changes immediately, after a random delay, or not at all. Please see the attached test image for an example. Activating play/pause results in an immediate update, but not toggling visibility.

I do not have this problem with $bp(vibrant, mi(cover))$. it evaluates immediately. The problem is also not with $ni(mi(package), bicon)$, as this evaluates immediately to be displayed as the cover in my widget. It appears that the $bp(vibrant, ni(mi(package), bicon))$ formula is evaluating the previous icon's bitmap.

I was using mi(cover), but several of my music apps don't provide it. They all provide the notification icon.

Thanks for a great app!

Jim Okamura

KWGT v3.29 under Nova Launcher on Samsung Note 8 SM-959U, Xfinity Mobile

The formula $ni(mi(package), bicon)$ does not return the application icon, that said 3.30 should be much more reliable in this and maybe also offer a way to get an application icon regardless of the fact that its on notifications or not, please check it once in official beta or manually downloading it at https://kustom.rocks/kwgt/apk

I can confirm that in 3.30 (not the one out now but the next that i will upload) you can use "res://$mi(package)/icon" to get the icon of the package regardless of which the package is showing a notification

Awesome Frank! You and your app really do ROCK!

For anyone else who follows this thread, the correct Kode to retrieve the player package icon is:


Frank is probably suffering programmers fatigue ;) Those damn $$$$$!

You can also substitute any package name for "$mi(package)$" to retrieve the icon. "res://org.kustom.widget/icon" retrieves the KWGT icon. Might be useful for those making launchers.

Thanks again Frank!