Bluetooth not updating

The Bluetooth parameters don't update unless I force close and reopen kwgt, which is weird since have my widgets to update fast (every second). For example: I have Bluetooth on and connected, and the value returned for nc(bt) is 2, but when I turn Bluetooth off it stays at 2 for a long time, more than 20 secs, usually until I give up and restart the app. Same happens for most other Bluetooth formulas like the name of connected devices, the number of connected devices, etc.

Make a global with this: $nc(bt)$/$if(nc(bt)=1,df(s),0)$

And use this formula:

$tc(split,gv(bluetu), "/", 0)$

So you can use it in an if for an icon to refresh like this:

$if(tc(split,gv(bluetu), "/", 0)=0,Bluetooth_disabled,

tc(split,gv(bluetu), "/", 0)=2,Bluetooth_connected,


This makes an icon that for some reason only alternates between disabled and connected; despite not having any devices on or connected the global outputs 2/0. Also, the issue still persists that all other parameters like the number of devices connected and the Bluetooth battery level etc. will not update reliably, and take a very long time to update even after loading the widget and exiting several times.