Bluetooth "connect" value seems to be incorrect

It seems that formula nc(bt) does not return the expected value "2" when BT is connected, it still returns "1" (what should mean BT is on...)

Yeah unfortunately its hard to consistently check if BT is paired, this is quite hard to fix, status should work just fine with headset paired devices but with some other stuff like keyboards it might have problems, which device are you connecting to your phone?

I have noticed this when I am using the phone in my car - so headset actually... The value "2" is returned only during the phone call, after hanging up (ending the call) formula returns "1" again (despite the fact devices are still paired)...

yeah probably when audio is not there the A2DP gets disconnected and thus bt backend is returning not connected state even if its still paired, i will investigate this further but it might not be easy to fix

shame it's the same with the connected watch

Unfortunately, even with my headset, I am encountering problems. "0" is instantly returned when BT is off, and "1" when BT is on, but when I connect my headset, the "1" does not update to a "2", unless I navigate away from the homescreen/lock & unlock my phone, etc. It seems as though the refresh has to be forced.