I made myself a music cover wallpaper, now im trying to implement two arrows (next/previous track), i dont want them both to show up at the same time. is it possible to fade them idependently, so when one show up the other one is invisble and the other way round??


You can create animations to fade out in the icons and use text global variable to trigger the animations. Here you have a tutorial by +brandon craft for this.

ye, im having them fade already, but they fade at the same time. i want the right arrow to fade in when the left arrow is fading out.

Hey Laurenz the text global variable give you this option, when one is visible the other isn't.

If you want a simple code you can use formulas in the animation.

put a new animation

React on > formula

formula> $if(gv(yourgv)=0,0,1)$

animation>fade out

in the other icon you need to put the same and in the formula this


try this and see if work for you

really appreciate your help nelson, i tried your solution butvit doesnt seem to work this way, maybe i made a mistake.

so i set up a global text called "fade"

then i added an animation to the right arrow, which reacts on the 1st formula u gave me

same for the left arrow but added the 2nd formula you provided

now only one arrow is showing, by the way i want the fade to loop but only when music is playing


Ahhh good optionπŸ˜πŸ‘, I'm spanish and my english it's so-so jajaja😁, you need more formulas for this. I can figure out if you can explain a little what you want for one icon and for the other.

I give you a simple way to make this but is incomplete, because the arrows are showing one at a time,but not what you are touching(to be clear, if you touch the right arrow ten times, the arrows are fading one at a time, not the same arrow)

To have a fade in the arrow that you are touching you need to use the text variable switch. But explain a little and I'm going to figure out what you wantπŸ‘

this is what i am working with

now i want the left arrow to fade in when the right one fades out, and add a loop to the fade animation so it fades left and right but only if music is playing

By the way if you want that the arrow blink you need to use in the Ease>normal with return

Good good, you want that the two arrows fade loop when the music is playing,one at a time, or only one loop?

And when you are not playing, you want the arrows visible or not?

im having them blink and show only when music is playing already, now i just need a way to fade one in when the other is fading out

Make one fade in and the other fade out in animations

oh wow why did i not come up with this EASY solution πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Anyway thanks a lot for yojr help nelson!!!

What you want it's like this?

yes, got it! thank you so much sir!

Good good πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ