Blank Wallpaper

It has been working fine for months but suddenly today it went pure black, but when I go into settings it looks normal. Switching to a different wallpaper and reapplying it didn't change anything, still just black background.

Ok, can you test if the issue is from last update? You can roll back to previous release by doing the following:

  • Ensure you exported all your presets (open the drawer menu press EXPORT and export the preset)
  • Uninstall Kustom
  • Download previous release from (press the "previous versions" link at the bottom to show prev releases)
  • Install the APK

If the issue with 3.26 is not there then i need a full bug report, to do that please re install 3.27 then create a bug report after you save and you have the blank screen, to create the report instructions can be found here: please then send the report to [email protected]

Have similar issue on my Honor 8. Everytime I try to change the global image to image on my phone, the background is just grey. Rolled back to 3.26, and everything is running fine again.