Bitmap shadows bugged

This is an old problem which was solved by using overlap group drop shadows but these also seem not to be working right now (separate post)

The problem is that putting an outer shadow on a bitmap or a shape set to bitmap simply results in a blurred version of the bitmap behind it, ie it should be a black shadow but instead is a duplicate of the bitmap. Please see attached screenshot and note that the weird shadow.

I love klwp, hope this an be fixed!!

You are right, a workaround is to put a colored shape with the same dimensions behind the bitmap shape, and shadow this, you need to adjust the position of the bitmap, but I think this can work. This is a workaround,don't solve the bug 😁👍

Hi, thanks, i know this but it's a pain. Thanks though.

Yes bobfoxx🤷‍♂️😀 you are right is a problem, maybe you can make a bug report(you have in the app the directions to this) and send it to Frank Monza. Good luck.

Thanks Nelson I’ll try a bug report 👍