Bitmap And Text Module Set To AI Sunrise/Sunset Fuction NOT Working. Please Help.

I Have Two Pictures Set As A Bitmap With The Visibility Set To Run On The AI Kode For Sunrise And Sunset

Kode I'm Using For Day Image = $if(ai(isday)=1,ALWAYS,NEVER)$

Kode I'm Using For Night Image = $if (ai(isnight)=0,ALWAYS,NEVER)$

The Switch I Wish To Have Occur Isn't Working

I Do Not Have Any Global Variables Set Up For This Widget

I Would Like Help To Make This Change Between These Two Bitmaps To Occur

I Also Have 2 Corresponding Text Modules That I Would Like To Become Visible At Their Respected Times Sunrise/Sunset (Day/Night)

I Am Using KWGT
I Have Four Seperate Items Going On For This
Day Image
Night Image
Day Text
Night Text

Could Somebody Walk Me Through This Step By Step?

I Would Greatly Appreciate This


I'm new here.

But try it with Always not ALWAYS

and the same with Never not NERVER.

I hat the same problem. But I don't know if that was it.

Example, what I use: