Battery Saver Enabled/Disabled

Hi there, is it possible to add a variable that says whether Battery Saver is enabled or not?

$bi(saver)$ // 1 or 0 as output


Just wanted to post myself, but luckily found that one on near 400 search results. Rly search needs to get better. Also data saving an option needed too but should be diff topic? Still need to search on that

I see that the post was created 7 months ago. After hours searching on Google this is the closest I could get to what I need. Any news on that? Is it possible or not?

Do you mean a battery saver "toggle"? The best I could do here was a button that opens the pattern settings page, where I can turn battery saver on and see all battery info/settings on Android settings. A direct toggle would be awesome too if possible (but it probably should be on a different topic indeed).

I think it's still not possible but I am currently not using the app. If it was possible, it'd probably be flaired/tagged as "fixed".

Available as $si(powersave)$ in 3.52

Thanks mate you're the best

its possible