Battery current always 0 on GS7


I wrote a review on google play store mentioning a issue with the battery current value on my Gs7 (alaways 0).

You ask me to try to reboot the device and send an email if it still doesn't work.

So I've tried it and it still doesn't work. I even noticed that if i put a text with battery current value (which is always at 0), the widget show "loading" undefinitely and doesn't load until I load KWGT apps.

Several other apps works fine and display a good value.

I tried to play with the Autorisations and allowed all possible access to KWGT, still not working.

My GS7 is brand new from Orange France. I think Orange FR has slightly tuned the rom and/or the kernel and/or the radio rom...don't know if it can have and impact.

I also tried with KLWP and the same things happen. It surely has to do with the way you read the current.

I noticed that some apps let the ability to adjust the source of current value in a list with roughly 8-9 choice. The good value is always in there. May be a good workaround to have this ability.

My Gs7 is on Android 6.0.1, here is all the versions :

Model : SM-G930F

Kernel : 3.18.14-8888212

Version number : MMB29K.G930FXXU1BPH6

Hope you will find a fix cause it's the only thing that I need to complete my theme and your apps is so good, light cpu, huge customization, i don't want to use an other apps just to have the current...

Thank you!

Hi Ben! No one reported this issue so far, are you sure that your ROM / device does not have any software that might not permit to Kustom to properly run in background as a service? That would explain the "loading" thing as well. Also, does it stay at 0 even if you plug/unplug from a power source? If if does not please do the following:

  • Install KWGT and add to your screen any preset that has battery info
  • Reboot once, just to be sure
  • Enter the app, open the settings and select "debug dump"
  • Send the file at [email protected] mentioning this thread



I forgot to mention that I use already some other battery info like mV and it works perfectly. The only value that does not work is battery current.

Do I need to add the current value before to stard the debug dump or the mV is sufficient?

I've just tried with the phone plugged in and it battery current is still at 0.

No i need a preset with $bi(level)$ somewhere

Sorry to revive an old thread but I am having the same issue with KLWP. I can't get the current to display anything bar 0 mA. I have tried to disable any applications that might be blocking the access. Everything else seems to work without an issue.

Please follow the instructions below to send me a bug report

Hey, I plugged my device into a higher capacity charger and the value flicks between 0 and 1mA I think it's pulling the value in Amps and rounding it.

Ill get you the bug report ASAP.

Same issue here on Galaxy note 4 with 6.01. do you also need a log from me? Other apps read it no problem

I get the same behavior. I cross-checked with a battery monitoring app. Whenever the current is below 1000mA bi(current) is 0, when the current is higher bi(current) shows 1.

Edit: With the help of a CPU stress test app I could get the discharging current below -1000mA, bi(current) showed -1.

So how to fix this? I have the exact same issue. $bi(current)$ always shows 0,1, or -1.

No way. Still the issue present after more than one year. Seems the developers don't care about this issue. I have forgiven the idea of having it fixed...

I have the same problem on my Galaxy S8. And I'm using the following script instead of using $bi(current) now.

$sh("cat /sys/class/power_supply/battery/current_now")$

hope this helps.

I have the same problem in a J7 PRO, the script that the friend J.S proposes, it worked for me, only that it delays or is a bit late the update of the data