Background colorize option causing repeats of objects

I had a custom function for colorizing 1 screen of the background and the objects on that screen repeated at least once and where strangely offset. I took out the function and all the screens' objects had the same effect. Another thing I found is that it repeats more when the alpha in cm() is lower.

I see this is a year old but I have the same problem. This seems to be repeatable.

I cannot reproduce this, how can this be created?

I can reproduce this 100% of the time by doing the following:

1. Set an image as the background

2. Set filter for BG image to "colorize"

3. Set the colorize color to an 8 digit hex value (aka with transparency)

4. Apply

The colorize filter works but there are "ghost images" of all of the items on the screen. If it is relevant I am using an unrooted Galaxy S8+ on the latest Verizon Nougat OTA. Please let me know if there is anything I else I can do to help. I love that app and am happy if I can provide anything that helps resolve an issue. For now I am using tc(cut) to remove the first two digits from the Hex code provided by Tasker and that works.

Whats the reason of using a transparent color in colorize? If its not transparent it will not cause the issue (ah and BTW with a transparent color i can reproduce this)

The transparency is for other objects that I want my background to match that are changed automatically via Tasker. As it is I have to either work around it in Tasker or KLWP