Attempting to create a KWLP; when re-importing, "Source File Not Readable"

Was locked accidentally by myself at some point, any way to undo? I want to test it on my old phone, but it keeps saying it's either not readable or corrupted.

You can try the new option to unlock your own locked presets, in settings>advanced options>user login. I don't know if this work well and if it's work in old locked presets, but is the only option at this moment.πŸ‘

I have the same issue but didn't lock it, the device that exported it can import it but my phone can't

I don't know how is your problem that you can't import the preset Dennis, maybe the designer can upload the preset to his Google drive and you can download it from here, and copy and paste the preset in

Kustom>Wallpapers folder

I don't see many users having this problem, What I see are many users trying to download presets in apps like G+ (RIP😁) and in this case I see fails to download, if you want to download a preset from the web use your browser not an app, the browser give the option to install it, or you can follow this steps.

I have successfully migrated the preset the other way and done a round trip of the file to prove its not corrupt (I updated an existing preset). I have also opened the zip. I have also exported multiple attempts and can import them on the exporting tablet but not on the phone.

It looks like a bug of some type in the app, I noticed the preset in EXPORTED and could load the file it couldn't import.

One oops, it's a widget

If you want and this is not a paid widget that you tweaked, you can upload it to your Goggle drive and I can download it and test it in my Kwgt.

You have other options too, make it a komponent and export it and see if this work.

Try to use the Apk maker app of Kustom apps and pack it like and apk.

I don't know if the problem is the tablet to phone a problem, I doubt this, but I don't know.

This is the link:

Hi Dennis, it's working well, IΒ΄m going to said that you need to download it to your phone like other file or image, go to your G drive and download it to your Download folder, then go to the download folder and copy it to the Kustom>Widgets folder, now this are going to appear in Kwgt. If you can't install it, come here again, this is a download problem, no more than this.

When I tried to download it direct from your G drive, is like you said, nothing show, I downloaded it to my laptop and translated it to my phone via Telegram app, when I was in my Telegram app in the phone, instantly when I tap, it asked me to import and I said yes and I have the widget in my Kwgt.

I do copy to kustom directory of I can import from Google drive I don't know how that is done. N following the exact same process that has worked many many times from phone to tablet, I'll just be sure to keep doing it in that direction. It's an app bug as well as a poor error message which means it probably won't be fixed in a hurry. Thanks anyway.